Wackget Manager

Wackget Manager

The skinny

WackGet is a download manager for Windows. It maintains a queue of files and downloads them (using wget) in the order you specify.

  • Select part of a webpage, paste into WackGet and watch as it finds all the downloads automatically!
  • Add downloads from Firefox using the DownloadWith extension

the jacket is a minimalist application. It doesn’t tax system resources, doesn’t require a lot of screen real estate, and doesn’t include extraneous features. It’s free, ad-free, and is lovingly developed and maintained by the hip people at Millweed.com.

the jacket is open-source software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

See some screenshots

Here are a few screenshots of how it looks:

Our hero in actionSitting happily in the system tray

If you’re really curious, here are the preferences dialogue boxes.

Download WackGet

You can download the application with an installer, as plain zipped binaries or just the source code.

Note that since WackGet doesn’t mess up your system registry or do anything weird like that, you can get the zipped version and put the files wherever you want — on a USB keychain or iPod for example — and run it from there.

We also have localized versions in Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese Russian Swedish, Turkish, and Chinese.

Don’t see your language here? E-mail us about getting WackGet localized!

Read the help file

For instructions on using WackGet, check the included documentation (wackget.html in the application folder) or read it online here.

Our philosophy

We like minimalist, non-intrusive, easy to use the software. For other cool utilities and applications that go well with the jacket, check out TinyApps.org.

the jacket is and will always be freeware, but if you like it and want to help out, send us a few bucks!